Incense from De Moeders Geuren

The incense that we sell is from De Moeders Geuren, a fine incense that smells delicious for a nice price. We have a mill full of various scents.

De Moeders Wierook

If your smell is not among them, let us know and we will order it for you. Incense is nice and very nice to burn yourself but also nice to give as a gift.

What can I use incense for?

In the home you can use incense to purify the air from stale or cigarette smoke and unwanted odors in the kitchen and toilet.

Many people use incense for relaxation – especially Amber and Lavender – because it has a protective and relaxing effect on our stressed nerves. For your feelings and your mind, incense works uplifting and illuminating. There is a strong relationship between our sense of smell and our mood and emotions. Try Roses and Violets or Lotus if you want to be happy. Or sandalwood for inner peace or if you want to meditate. On the other hand, Musk is an active fragrance that you can use to wake up in the morning or to help with study or work.

There are also adventurous or inspiring scents, such as Autumn leaves, Evening rose or Passion flower. It is best to try to find out the influence of each odor on you. It is a fun scent adventure to find out which scents suit you best, which scents can help you with your health, happiness, personal development, with your dreams or fantasy, in short at any occasion.

Scents can be a great enrichment in your personal life because scents also carry memories, as you know when you hear music from the past and you relive the feelings of the past. A visual reminder is often limited to what you saw, but a fragrance reminder is a total reminder. Because of the smell you also remember what you thought, felt and heard then. Scents are also important in the mental and emotional development of children.

Children who breathe through their nose do better at school and develop better emotionally. Moreover, scents can help with forgetfulness. This way scents can become friends for life and support you with your feelings.